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China cuts Michael Fassbender gay kiss from Alien Covenant film

Fassbender shares a steamy kiss too hot for China cinemas

China cuts Michael Fassbender gay kiss from Alien Covenant film
Michael Fassbender gay kiss

China is no stranger to censoring graphic or LGBTI content, and it seems Alien Covenant is its latest victim.

Moviegoers in China missed out on a full six minutes of graphic violent content, as well as a steamy kiss between Michael Fassbender… and himself.

Yu, a 26-year-old assistant at an advertising agency in Shanghai told the Hollywood Reporter: ‘For the other missing parts you don’t notice or know when it happens, but you can really feel something is missing where the gay kiss is supposed to be.’

Fassbender plays a synthetic android named Walter in this latest release of the franchise. But he also played an android named David in Prometheus (the film before this in the franchise).

Spoilers ahead

There is a gay couple in Alien: Covenant20th Century Fox

There is a gay couple in Alien: Covenant

David is the only survivor of the destroyed Prometheus ship, and is left on a planet all by himself.

When the new Covenant ship lands on the same planet, Walter ends up meeting David.

(Are you still with us?)

Basically, Fassbender plays both David and Walter. David is evil and plans to kill the humans on the Covenant expedition. Walter is loyal to the humans.

And then this is where it starts to get a little weird.

David teaches Walter how to play a hymn on the flute. David leans over Walter, and in a whisper, says: ‘I’ll do the fingering.’

There is clear sexual tension between the two androids, but when David learns Walter won’t betray the humans, he turns on him.

But right before he stabs Walter in the neck, David plants a sensual kiss on Walter’s lips.

How romantic.

Alien Covenant also features the franchises only same-sex couple in its 38-year history.

Lope (Demián Bichir) and Hallett (Nathaniel Dean) are two members of a crew of the Covenant.

In the movie, it is acknowledged both Lope and Hallett are a couple and they are married – both wear wedding rings.

One of the biggest death scenes in the film comes after Hallett inhales some spores.

Lope witnesses this, grabs him in shock. When he is told ‘there’s nothing you can do’, Lope whispers ‘I love you’ before they have to leave him.

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