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China’s first marriage equality case accepted by court

China’s first marriage equality case accepted by court

Sun and Hu tried to get married

China’s first marriage equality has been accepted by a court in Hunan province.

Sun Wenlin, 26, sued a civil affairs bureau in Changsha last month for rejecting his marriage application – in what has been hailed as the first gay marriage case in the communist country.

Sun received notification from Furong district court that his case had been accepted on Tuesday (5 January).

‘Thank you to all our family and friends. We will continue to press forward,’ he wrote on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like service.

Sun and his 36-year-old boyfriend tried to register for marriage on 23 June, on their one-year anniversary.

But they were turned away by an official, who said only ‘one man and one woman’ could register. Sun then filed a lawsuit against the bureau on 16 December.

Sun told Chinese media that he knew he was gay at 14. When he first told his family, he said they looked down on him.

‘Over the years, I tried various ways to convince my parents,’ said Sun, who added that their ideas had since changed, and they had slowly been able to accept him.

After learning her son was ready to get married, his mother said: ‘No matter how society discriminates against my son because he is gay, I will stand firmly by him.’