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A Chinese dating app for queer women reportedly exposed 5 million profiles

A Chinese dating app for queer women reportedly exposed 5 million profiles

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Rela (热拉), a popular dating app for queer women in China, reportedly exposed countless profiles’ private date due to unprotected servers.

In fact, the server didn’t even have a password, reported TechCrunch yesterday (27 March).

Rela allegedly left the app exposed since June 2018.

Millions of private data exposed

Victor Gevers, a security researcher at the GDI Foundation, found the leak.

More the servers left 5.3 million user’s records unprotected.

These records included user’s geo-location, nicknames, dates of birth, height, weight, ethnicity, sexual preferences and interests.

The database also included a bank of ‘moments’ posted by users alongside status updates, tallying up to 20 million.

‘Been open for years’

Gevers said: ‘The privacy of 5+ million LGBTQ+ people face a lot of social challenges China because there are no laws protecting them from discrimination.

‘This data leak that has been open for years, making it even more damaging for the people who were exposed.’

A Rela spokesperson allegedly gave a ‘brief response’ to TechCrunch, confirming the leak.

What is Rela?

The app disappeared in 2017 from app stores after Chinese regulators shut the app down.

But it returned later this year on a different cloud server, according its app listing.

Overall, the Chinese government has limited the rights of LGBTI people in the country.

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