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Chinese ‘Groupon’ site offers gay couples free trip to Canada to marry

Chinese ‘Groupon’ site offers gay couples free trip to Canada to marry

Meituan, a Chinese version of Groupon, the group deals website, is offering gay couples the chance to marry in Canada for free.

‘On 20 and 21 May, Meituan Rainbow Day, we support comrades [slang for gay people],’ the deal site says, ‘because we believe that marriage is not about similarities or differences, it’s about true love, regardless of gender’.

Over 120,000 people have already registered to win the prize, which includes travel from China to Canada, one night’s accommodation and marriage registration fee.

The winner will be announced at 5pm tomorrow (Wednesday 22 May).

The deal page also features a Youku (China’s YouTube) clip of a documentary about gay lives in China.

Last year Meituan gave away a free T-shirt celebrating rainbow love, in honor of Obama’s support for same-sex marriage.

Meituan, run by CEO Wang Xing, has emerged victorious from a crowded group-deals-site market in China. In April, the company’s monthly transactions were more than 980 million RMB ($155 million, €120.5 million), Tech in Asia reports.

Today (21 May) and yesterday (20 May) are two of four occasions in the year for Chinese lovers to express themselves – the others are western Valentine’s Day on 14 February and Qixi, Chinese Valentine’s Day in August. Traditionally men proclaim their love on 20 May (because the pronunciation of the date sounds like ‘I love you’ in Chinese) and women reciprocate today.