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Chinese hospitals are still offering painful shock therapy to ‘cure’ gay people

Chinese hospitals are still offering painful shock therapy to ‘cure’ gay people

China's hospitals are still shocking gay patients

Chinese doctors are still offering painful electroshock therapy to ‘cure’ gay people, a new documentary has revealed.

In a new Channel 4 film Unreported World, activists go undercover to expose the psychiatrists and doctors still purporting that dangerous ‘gay cures’ therapy can work.

In one undercover scene, a doctor is seen telling her patient to take nausea inducing drugs so he feels sick every time he feels ‘urges’.

The doctor also recommends electroshock therapy.

‘Your current conditioned reflex is when you see the same sex you feel love,’ she says. ‘Now what I want to make you feel is scared.’

Last year, a Beijing court ruled against a clinic that offered electroshock therapy and hypnosis to ‘cure’ gay people. They were forced to apologize and pay out a fine.

But it is still happening. In the film, one activist writhes in pain as he takes the horrific shock ‘treatment’. He also says half of his face has gone numb.

The Huashan clinic then charges him 3,500 yuan ($550, €490), more than double a typical average Chinese worker’s pay, and tells him to return for repeat treatments.

Shaunagh Connaire, who reported for the documentary, said it was a ‘privilege’ to work with LGBTI activists in China.

‘It was extraordinary to spend time with people like John and Iron (Beijing LGBT Centre activists), who are doing so much to change the landscape for the LGBT community in China,’ she said.

‘This an issue I care deeply about and having the opportunity to document their bravery and resilience was a privilege’

Unreported World: China’s Gay Shock Therapy airs on Friday at 7.30pm on Channel 4