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Chinese man, 20, killed and stuffed in suitcase by his ex-boyfriend in Italy

Chinese man, 20, killed and stuffed in suitcase by his ex-boyfriend in Italy

Hu Congliang playing guitar

A Chinese man living in Italy was allegedly murdered at the hands of his ex-boyfriend and four other accomplices.

It is believed Hu Congliang – also known as Leo – was murdered by 17-year-old boyfriend and his friends after he threatened to release explicit photos of him. The 17-year-old had tried to break up with Hu, who retaliated by threatening to release the photos.

Police are questioning the five suspects who are all minors in the northern Italian town of Modena.

Local police told media they believed the17-year-old invited his friends to Hu’s apartment. It was there they allegedly smothered him with a pillow and stuffed his dead body into a suitcase.

The five even farewelled Hu’s mother after they committed the murder and left the apartment. The AFP reported they told her that Hu had left the apartment earlier. Hu’s mother discovered his body when she noticed the suitcase was not in its usual spot.

‘From what we understand so far, the punitive mission was prompted by the photographs,’ deputy police chief Marcello Castello told the media.

‘All five say they don’t speak Italian, which we don’t believe. They are all underage and have been utterly impassive. Just like their parents, who have been completely uncooperative.’

Toxic culture

Gabriele Piazzoni is the National Secretary of Arcigay, an Italian LGBTI organization. In a statement released to media, he denounced the stigma around LGBTI issues is the cause of homophobic violence.

Piazzoni labelled it ‘a culture that tarnishes sexuality and sexual orientation’.

‘We have learned with pain and rage of the murder of young Leo and the terrible circumstances of his death,’ Piazzoni said.

‘The issues of sexuality, sexual orientation and sexual practices are still taboo in our country… and yet it is this very stigma that hands violent people their lethal weapon.’