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Chinese man proposes to boyfriend on TV

Chinese man proposes to boyfriend on TV

A piece on Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise about gay marriage got some surprise romance this Saturday when Mitchell Luo proposed to his boyfriend Pablo Molina on live TV.

The couple were being interviewed on the show about gay life in China, where they both live.

‘Marriage is the ticket to be able to get into society,’ said Luo talking about why 80% of gay men in China marry women.

‘Otherwise your career path will be obstacled… There is a glass ceiling for promotion if you’re in a conservative company or a governmental institution. And also some people consider it a family obligation to raise a child.’

Molina, who is from Chile, added:

‘Here in China you don’t have the culturally ingrained religion-based homophobia that you find in countries such as my own and I would say in most countries in the West.

‘There’s no fear, if I’m holding Mitchell’s hand on the street, that we’re going to be the victims of a violent attack.’

After the interviews Luo surprised Molina by asking him to marry him, and even getting down on one knee.

‘What? Oh my god. Are you kidding me?’ said Molina. ‘Yeah I would. Actually yeah.’

The couple embraced and beamed huge smiles back at the camera.

Luo said they would go to Barcelona for a ceremony.

The clip on Sunrise included an interview with head of PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) Australia Shelley Argent, who said she felt joy at the news that New Zealand legalized gay marriage two weeks ago.

‘I’m waiting for our government to realize that this issue is not going away,’ said Argent about the situation in Australia.

Watch the clip here: