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Chinese student identified as victim of body-parts killer

Canadian police have identified 33-year-old Justin Jun Lin as the man brutally killed and then dismembered sometime last week

Chinese student identified as victim of body-parts killer

Police in Canada confirmed a Chinese student studying in Montreal had dated a porn actor who killed him and sent his body parts to the country’s top political parties.

Justin Jun Lin, a 33 year-old from the central Chinese city of Wuhan, has been identified as the victim of suspected bisexual killer Luka Rocco Magnotta, now on Interpol’s wanted-persons list, police said in a statement on Friday (1 June).

A missing person’s report posted on the Montreal Chinese consulate-general’s website said friends and family had lost contact with Lin on May 24 – around the time police believe Magnotta killed a man and filmed the murder inside his second-floor apartment in west-end Montreal.

A headless, limbless torso was discovered in a suitcase behind the rundown apartment building on Tuesday, the same day parts of the same body (a hand and a foot) were mailed to the ruling Conservative Party and the Liberal Party of Canada.

The murder footage was posted on a website that specialises in gore, showing a man stabbing another with an ice pick while the victim lies naked and tied up. A song from the film American Psycho plays in the background.

Magnotta, born Eric Newman, is believed to have fled for France on May 26 but there was also a possibility that he could have returned to Canada under a false identity, or in disguise. Authorities in Monaco were forced on Friday (1 June) to quash rumours that they had arrested him.

Lin, who first came to Canada in 2010 and settled down permanently last July to do computer studies at Concordia University, was described by his boss as a model employee who had never missed a shift and by another convenience store owner as a responsible, polite cashier. His friends in Montreal are said to be in denial.

Netizens have flooded Lin’s Weibo, China’s Twitter, which was last updated on 16 May, with thousands of condolence messages.

Weibo user Mongolzhamu, a friend of Lin, keeps recounting with sadness their time together, but he has turned a request for interview from the Chinese press.

‘The deceased has left. Let’s not disturb him anymore,’ he wrote. ‘Think for his parents. They will be even more broken to see any report.

‘If you really have to write something, let’s say be careful with making friends, no matter when,’ he added.

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