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Chinese trans dancer sees her future in politics

China's most famous transgender dancer, Jin Xing, tells an American journalist that she see a future for herself in politics in her home country

Chinese trans dancer sees her future in politics

Critically-acclaimed dancer and the first person to have gender re-alignment surgery in China, Jin Xing, has told an American journalist she may enter Chinese politics.

Jin is in New York during the American tour of Jin Xing Dance Theatre's show. When asked during an interview with MSNBC if the Chinese were ready for someone like her in politics, Jin said, 'the Chinese are ready for everything, that's part of the culture.'

Now 44, Jin has had an usual life, from her youth in the military as a man, studying dance in New York in the 90s, becoming the first person in China to have gender-realignment surgery (in 1996) and running her own critically-acclaimed dance studio in Shanghai, all beautifully told autobiography Shanghai Tango.

She now lives in Shanghai with her German husband and three adopted children.

In the interview, Jin says she has done the Chinese government a favor by being a cultural ambassador for China.

Watch the interview with MSNBC here:

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