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Chocolate raises the bar on guilty pleasures

Chocolate raises the bar on guilty pleasures

GSN are total chocoholics, and we’ve found a new confectionary that has raised the bar on our guilty pleasures.

Cadbury Daily Milk Bubbly is ridiculously light, sumptuously delicious, and melts in your mouth like no other chocolate on the market.

Cadbury has described the chocolate as coming from Joyville. While we get ours from the shop down the street, the bubbly treat certainly takes us to happy places.

It’s the classic Cadbury taste, and the aerated chocolate is available with milk or white bubbles, but will hopefully extend the range.

Britain’s favourite chocolate has also brought the Bubbly into their fair trade range. The cocoa comes from ethical sources so you can eat without the worry.

It’s available from shops, supermarkets, and Joyville. If you get to Joyville, make sure you send us a postcard.