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The sensuality of the male form in Chongo Magazine

The male form exalted.

The sensuality of the male form in Chongo Magazine
Photo courtesy of Levi Jackman Foster.
The domination of the male physique.

The new edition of Chongo Magazine is out and pays tribute to American photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia. The photographer is one of the most innovative and influential photographers of the last decade.

DiCorcia’s work mixes the fictional world of cinema with advertising. The result is imaginative photography that channels both reality and desire.

LGBTI activist and New York based photographer Levi Jackman Foster captures the essence of diCorcia by photographing models to recreate some of the most iconic stories of diCorcia’s career.


The newest edition of Chongo features 74 full color pages.

Chongo Magazine is a multimedia magazine that focuses on masculinity and male photography edited by Pablo Bartolomé. It began in November 2011 as a way to exalt the male figure and give different points of view on it.

The sensuality of the male form.

The sensuality of the male form.

Chongo is a slang word from Argentina that means ‘macho.’ The magazine prides itself in bringing anonymous guys from different countries to highlight their particularities while expressing a common factor—a powerful physique.

The beauty of the male form.

The beauty of the male form.


The newest edition has been released with three different covers and is available in print and digitally at


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