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Chris Brown will not go to jail for anti-gay assault

Chris Brown will not go to jail for anti-gay assault

R&B artist Chris Brown will not face jail time after pleading guilty to an assault where he punched a fan and allegedly called him a ‘faggot’.

A Washington DC superior court has ruled Brown, as well as his bodyguard Christopher Hollosy, will not serve any time behind bars for the assault in October 2013.

On 16 December, judge Patricia Wynn sentenced Hollosy to 90 days in jail – suspending the sentence unless he violated his one-year probation.

Brown was also spared jail time, pleading guilty to the same charge, receiving a sentence of time served. He was lucky, considering he is still on probation for his 2009 assault of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Both men reportedly punched victim Parker Adams when the fan tried to take a photo with the singer, the Washington Post reports.

‘I’m not down with that gay shit’, Brown allegedly told Adams, according to the police report. Adams was later treated for a fractured nose.

At the time, Adams told TMZ Brown had also called him a ‘faggot’. He said he didn’t understand why Brown would be ‘so homophobic’ to hurl such a slur.

But while Adams might not have got his photo, he was successful in a civil suit against Brown and Hollosy. While he didn’t get his requested $3 million (€2.4m), he settled for a reported $100,000 (€80,000) in October.