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Chris Crocker posts apology after calling fans ‘literally retarded’

Chris Crocker posts apology after calling fans ‘literally retarded’

Chris Crocker responds to new found attention

Adult film star Chris Crocker has publicly apologized for a strange series of drunk rants today (15 April).

In videos last weekend (14 April), an intoxicated Crocker – the Britney Spears fan who shot to fame 11 years ago with his ‘Leave Britney alone!’ video – called people ‘retards’ and slammed heated fans as ‘ugly.’

While he has since expressed his regret, many of his followers have continued to critisize the YouTube star.

What happened?

Crocker had spent the day drinking and shopping when he grabbed a cocktail at a restaurant in Tennessee.

But after taking his shirt off to change and smoking allegedly near a non-smoking area, management reportedly called the police on him.

He filmed an officer talking to him on his phone and streamed it on his Facebook and Instagram accounts. In the video, he referred to a family nearby as ‘retards.’

In a later video, Crocker slammed his fans who called him out on using the r word. He said: ‘Anyone who thinks that the behavior [calling the police] is justified is supporting retarded beahvior.’

‘Don’t love me in spite of my mental health problem’

He then labelled fans who called him out as ‘ugly,’ ‘literally retarded,’ and ‘stupid.’

Following this on the same night, he dropped an apology video in which he blamed his actions on his own ‘mental health issues.’

In response to those concerned about his use of the word he ‘shouldn’t have used,’ he said: ‘I would hate for you to hear the words I use in the bedroom.

‘Where I’m not politically correct, just literally erect.’

Then eating crisps while shirtless, he pleaded for his following ‘don’t love me in spite of my mental health problems, don’t love me in spite of my attitude problem.’

The apology

Today, Crocker posted a ‘sober’ apology on Facebook. ‘I apologize for being rude… it’s no reason to say words that hurt people’s feelings.’

‘It’s scary that we live in a world where even when you want to apologize when you see the error of your ways, people are just gonna use this against me more.

‘But … I put myself out there. I am the one that acted like an a******.’

He added: ‘I want to apologize to the family I offended, to the employees, the people I replied to when I was rude, and, also, to the police if I was disrespectful. I apologize.

‘I could have handled it better.’

Chris Crocker is fucking canceled’

Followers were polarized in how to react to not only Crocker’s actions, but his apology, too.

One user said: ‘So Chris Crocker is fucking canceled for being an ableist POS.

‘(And FYI, white, abled, and cis gays: just bc you’re gay doesn’t mean you get a free pass at being problematic).’

‘Had to unfollow Chris Crocker because he said the r-word and is defending the use of it… yikes,’ another said.

A user added: ‘You’re still an ableist, hateful, victim who uses their mental illness as an EXCUSE.

‘You are NOT an advocate for anything but your own damn self.’

But other users on his apology video were more accepting. A user said: ‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone be that honest. You’re owning it. Scroll any haters.’

Thank you!’ a fan said. ‘Alcohol can and will make every situation worse. I’m glad that you’re okay, and that you realize what you’ve done.’

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