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Chris Crocker sets the record straight on why he loves open relationships

Chris Crocker sets the record straight on why he loves open relationships

Chris Crocker

Chris Crocker (best known for his viral ‘Leave Britney alone’ video) is setting the record straight about why he loves being in an open relationship.

The gay porn star took to Twitter today (8 February) to share his thoughts on why monogamy’s just not for him.

He repeatedly wrote out the phrases: ‘MY MAN DOES NOT CHEAT ON ME. I DO NOT CHEAT ON HIM. WE ARE “OPEN”’

Fellow porn star Josh Moore then tweeted: ‘Monogamy was created by the straights as a means to control women. It ain’t for us gays honey.’

‘Period,’ Crocker replied. ‘I love being in love with someone who WANTS me to experience all the cock and ass I want and likewise.’

He then later tweeted: ‘People think “settling down” means you’re no longer a hoe. I have one tongue to taste with and one life to live. Whoever I live it with will have FULL permission to hoe as well. And a ring on my finger won’t stop me from tasting the rainbow, bitch. #OpenRelationships’

Chris Crocker: ‘Leave Britney alone!’

Chris Crocker first made headlines with his ‘Leave Britney alone’ video in 2007. Then in 2016, he made headlines again when the world ‘discovered’ he ‘got hot’.

He responded by posting a heartfelt video.

Crocker said: ‘I know a lot of people are going to say “just take a compliment”. Who doesn’t like compliments, right? But what I wanted to say is, we should always feel attractive – not just when society tells us we we are.

‘As long as you’re happy with the way you look, and as long as you’re expressing your true self, that’s what’s most attractive. And to be honest, I don’t know that I am being my full self. I am being my full self as much as I can in the moment, where I can’t really do anything about transitioning,’ Crocker added.

‘To everyone out there who might feel different, don’t wait for society to clap for you, or tell you, or affirm you – affirm yourself. Then your confidence will be firm,’ he said.


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Crocker makes regular videos and posts them to social media.

He said in a recent video: ‘When y’all start commenting shit – talking about how I have a new man in every picture and I’m a whore, my pussy is minding its own fucking business.

‘My pussy is booked, my pussy is a working woman.

‘So when you see me with all of these men, maybe you need to mind your own retired ass puss and get some,’ he said.

UPDATE: A previous version of this article incorrectly identified singer John Duff as Chris Crocker’s boyfriend.

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