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Chris Kluwe quits Minnesota newspaper over its editorial stance on gay marriage

Vikings punter accuses St. Paul Pioneer Press of 'irresponsible journalism'

Chris Kluwe quits Minnesota newspaper over its editorial stance on gay marriage

NFL punter Chris Kluwe has quit as a contributor to the St. Paul Pioneer Press over its editorial stance on gay marriage which he charges is ‘irresponsible journalism and ‘massively hypocritical.’

The newspaper purports to have a neutral stance on a ballot initiative in Minnesota that would change the state constitution to define marriage only between a man and a woman.

But its editorial devotes considerable space to consequences marriage equality opponents such as Chick-fil-A have faced. It also states that ‘some people who argue for sameness when it comes to same-sex marriage are selective about the use of sameness, and are not so keen on the idea when it comes to taxation (they like it progressive) or college admissions (they support preferences).’

Kluwe, who has been using his celebrity in the state to speak out against the November ballot initiative, slammed the lengthy editorial in a series of tweets:

‘My main issue with the Pioneer Press editorial is this: It’s a lie. I have no problem with them taking a position I disagree with. What concerns me is them presenting a completely biased piece (word choice, examples used, conclusions) as a neutral position. That’s not only irresponsible journalism, it’s massively hypocritical.’

He adds: ‘Have the courage of your convictions. Attach your name to what you believe in. Don’t try to confuse people through obfuscation and selected presentation of arguments. It ruins discussion, and you should be ashamed. I will not abide lying. A stable society has to be built on a foundation of trust, and that editorial just eroded some of it away.’

Kluwe, who is straight and the father of two daughters, was propelled to the forefront of the gay marriage debate when he wrote a scorching letter to Maryland Assembly Delegate Emmett C. Burns in September. The legislator had complained to the owner of the Baltimore Ravens when linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo made public statements in support of same sex marriage. The letter went viral.

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