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Chris Pratt thinks sex with Robert Downey Jr ‘sounds fun’

Chris Pratt thinks sex with Robert Downey Jr ‘sounds fun’

Guardians of the Galaxy might be the biggest film on the planet right now, but prepare now to get even more excited.

Star Chris Pratt, who went from tubby and adorable to an adorable hunk, has been doing several interviews to promote the new film.

Sitting down with Buzzfeed’s Whitney Jefferson the other day, he was asked about whether he had seen any of the X-rated fan fiction written about the Marvel universe.

‘Do you anything about the fan fiction on the Marvel stuff that is online?’ she asked.

‘Has anyone clued you into this sub-section of the fan world?’

He responded, a little nervously: ‘No…should I be scared?

‘No it’s all complimentary,’ Jefferson quickly responded.

‘It’s just people that think you guys are super hot and should be hooking up with each other.’

And with a small smile, Pratt said: ‘Like – me, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr? I’ll have to say I agree.’

Guardians of the Galaxy set a new August record with a whopping estimated $94 million in its opening weekend.

(H/t NewNowNext).