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Christian college student lied about harassment from Trump supporters

Christian college student lied about harassment from Trump supporters

Christian college student Taylor Volk made up anti-LGBTI harrasment

A Christian college in Chicago is certain a bisexual student fabricated all her claims of abuse from supporters of the president-elect.

Last week North Park University senior Taylor Volk said a note was taped on her door saying ‘Back to hell,’ ‘#Trump,’ and anti-LGBTI slurs. She claimed to have received similar anonymous emails, and posted about it on her Facebook page.

‘This is a countrywide epidemic all of a sudden,’ Volk said.

After an investigation, university administrators are saying there isn’t one word of truth in the student’s allegations.

‘Sadly, we discovered that the incident and related messages were fabricated; the individual responsible for the incident is not continuing as a student at North Park,’ school president David Parkyn wrote in a statement appearing on North Park’s website. ‘We are confident there is no further threat of repeated intolerance to any member of our campus community stemming from this recent incident.’

Parkyn’s statement included a commitment to ’embracing all people who enroll as students and who are employed at North Park.’

Volk has removed the Facebook post describing the incident, but has not yet made any public comment.

North Park has an Office of Diversity and a LGBT student group called Queers and Allies.

Ever since President-elect Donald Trump has won the White House, there has a been multiple stories of intimidation and bias. Supporters of the Republican have pointed to the Volk case as an example of Trump opponents making up stories for political gain.


The numbers of postelection harassment are hard to come by. The Southern Poverty Law Center, an advocacy group, reports that right after Election Day the total number of incidents spiked. However, since the middle of the month, ‘the trend line points to a steady drop-off.’

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