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Anti-LGBTI Christian author claims all oral sex is ‘homosexual’

Anti-LGBTI Christian author claims all oral sex is ‘homosexual’

All oral sex is gay christian

A Christian author of anti-LGBTI books has claimed that oral sex is the ‘practice of homosexuals’.

Linda Harvey, writer behind books like Maybe He’s Not Gay, has launched a frankly bizarre rant against sex education.

During an article for right-wing website BarbWire denouncing teaching teenagers about ‘pleasure’ during sex ed, the writer goes into an odd tangent about oral sex.

Harvey writes: ‘And let’s not forget the deadly contribution of “LGBTQ” advocates who demand “inclusive” sex ed – ie, lessons that outline in detail how kids can engage in anal and oral sex, the sex practices of homosexuals.’

For people with opposite sex partners: no, this isn’t an excuse to skip foreplay.

Bad sex education

Linda is the founder of Mission: America, an evangelical propaganda machine that strongly dislikes the LGBTI community. Her book aims to challenge teenagers who identify as LGBT.

In the article, she says: ‘why do schools support, rather than discourage, boys who claim a homosexual identity?’ in regards to higher HIV transmission in men who have sex with men.

The main crux of the article, alongside encouraging people to be selfish lovers, is to point out that encouraging pleasure in sex education will increase sexually transmitted infections. She suggests abstinence before marriage would ‘correct this epidemic’.

However, this wilfully misses out that condom use dramatically decreases the chances of contracting an STI. This is according to everyone from the British NHS to the FDA.

Also, multiple studies have found that abstinence-only education doesn’t stop teenagers from having sex. Not teaching teenagers about safe sex actually puts them at greater risk of STIs and pregnancy.

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