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Christian mom tries to school gay dad, then his response totally floors her

Christian mom tries to school gay dad, then his response totally floors her

Christian mom on Wife Swap, Nina

A Christian mom tried to school a gay dad about what the Bible says on homosexuality in the latest episode of Wife Swap.

Gay dads Terrell and Jarius Joseph swapped lives with religious couple Nina and Matt.

During the swap, Nina assumes the gays dads aren’t religious, so tries to school Jarius on what the Bible says about homosexuality and judging others.

black gay dads Joseph family on Wife Swap
Joseph family. | Photo: Drayton McJunkins (@dr8nn) / Instagram

‘So, I thought it would be very fitting just to do a small devotional on judging,’ she said. ‘Opportunities on judging others are all around us.

‘Jesus knew that this would be a battle for us, so he was very stern in warning us in Matthew 7: 1-5 — “Do not judge or you too will be judged”.’

It then cuts to Jarius talking about how he keeps his Bible close to him, but the Christian mom never actually asked if he was religious.

‘Do you think being gay is a sin?’

Jarius then tells Nina: ‘Do you realize that the vast majority of churches don’t accept us, based on what is says in the Bible?’

‘I do realize that,’ Nina responds. ‘I feel like the Bible does tell us that being gay is a sin. Just outright reading the Bible, it’s there.’

Jarius then revealed he went to a church where they didn’t approve of his relationship with Terrell, so he almost left his husband.

‘I would say about a healthy 80% of people don’t accept us,’ he said. ‘You say “Don’t judge people” but you are.’

Nina then has a light bulb moment.

‘Now that I’ve talked with Jarius, I feel like I jumped to conclusions a bit,’ she says in a video confessional. I’m not a judgy person but I actually judged the situation and I don’t like the way it makes me feel.’

It then cuts back to her conversation with Jarius: ‘I feel like you’ve been through that. So much of your life, you’ve been judged so much. How is it ok for me to tell someone you’re not worthy of my love because you love a person of the same sex?

‘That doesn’t seem fair to me,’ she adds.

Watch the powerful moment:

First gay black dads on Wife Swap

Jarius and Terrell are the first gay black dads on the US version of Wife Swap.

They exclusively spoke to Gay Star News before the episode aired on Thursday (25 April).

‘The most challenging moments being dads would have to be managing time,’ they said. ‘Our kids are the most important and we often find that we have to make more time for each other.’

On filming the show, they said:

‘The biggest challenge of the show was actually Terrell leaving the kids,’ they revealed. ‘This was his first time ever being away from them since they were born.

‘I don’t think we thought it all the way through from that aspect because it was rough for him when the time came for him to leave.’

black gay dads Joseph family on Wife Swap
Joseph family. | Photo: Drayton McJunkins (@dr8nn) / Instagram

The married gay couple also revealed experiencing the show was totally different to watching it on TV.

‘If you watch the show, you know you will likely get swapped with someone polar opposite of what you are used to,’ they said. ‘So while it was expected, it still came as a shock as the experience went on.

‘However, we are so blessed to have done it and hopefully share some positive light on the LGBTI community with much needed representation,’ they said.

On what the show taught them, they said: ‘The show taught us just how important the little things are we take for granted everyday. Or how we may get caught up in our day and take each other for granted.

‘When that changes, you feel your day moves a little slower and is not as exciting.’

They then joked: ‘Nobody also can make spaghetti like your husband can.’

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