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Christian party claims heterosexual Australians oppressed because gays earn more

Christian party claims heterosexual Australians oppressed because gays earn more

Far-right Australian political group the Christian Democratic Party has claimed that ‘mum and dad tax payers’ are oppressed in Australia because they earn less on average than same-sex couples according to census data – even though this means same-sex couples pay higher taxes than they do.

The group, lead by New South Wales (NSW) state Member of the Legislative Council the Rev. Fred Nile made the claim in a series of election graphics attacking LGBT rights posted to social media – with others complaining about a NSW Police campaign against violence against transgender people and another quoting Russian Orthodox patriarch Kirill I.

“Same-sex couples earn 29% more money than male-female couples,’ the infographic states.

‘Mum and Dad taxpayers are the most oppressed Australians in our economy. Christian Democrats will change that.’

The infographic also included the phrase ‘We want #incomeequality,’ mocking the #marriageequality hashtag used by campaigners for same-sex marriage in Australia.

The Christian Democrats also posted a photo of a poster for the Transgender Anti-Violence Project at a NSW Police station in Western Sydney with the comments, ‘Is ‘anti-transgender’ violence the number 1 concern for local residents in Blacktown?’

‘What about the street gangs, vandalism and alcohol/drugs-related violence? No wonder people are feeling ignored by Liberal and Labor governments. A special-interest lobbyist has more influence than a whole community.’

Another infographic featuring Kirill I, a vocal supporter of Russia’s so-called ‘anti-homosexual propaganda’ law, quotes him as saying ‘We must do everything in our powers to ensure that sin is never sanctioned.’

The Christian Democrats have been trying to make the jump from state to national politics in Australia for at least two elections but have failed to win seats and are competing with another far-right Christian party, ‘Australian Christians’ for the Christian vote at the 2013 Australian Federal Election – due to be held on 7 September.

The Rev. Fred Nile is famous for praying for rain each year during the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade.