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Christian rugby captain supports gay marriage in Australia

Christian rugby captain supports gay marriage in Australia

The Christian captain of Australia's national rugby union club has voiced his support for gay marriage.

‘It's my understanding that Jesus was on the side of the marginalised and the oppressed,’ David Pocock said in a statement released by Australian Marriage Equality. ‘And also that God is love. So as a Christian I can't just stand in silence on the issue of marriage equality. My faith necessitates that I advocate for it.’

Pocock’s statement contradicts anti-same-sex marriage sentiments spoken by prominent members of the Christian church in Australia and the UK (both Church of England and Catholic).

Last October Pocock told the Sydney Morning Herald that he and his partner Emma would not get married until their gay friends could legally do the same. ‘These are the prejudices that you have to challenge and break down,’ he said.

Australian Marriage Equality welcomed Pocock’s support. National convener, Alex Greenwich said: ‘Mr Pocock joins a growing number of vocal Christian supporters of marriage equality. We hope their voices are heard by the current Senate inquiry into Marriage Equality.’

Meanwhile data from the Parliament of Australia suggests the two current marriage equality bills being looked at will not passed into law, as 64% of MPs disagree that same-sex marriages should be legalised.