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Christian school worker fired for calling LGBTI education ‘brainwashing’

Christian school worker fired for calling LGBTI education ‘brainwashing’

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A teaching assistant has been fired for labeling LGBTI-inclusive relationship education ‘brainwashing’.

Kristie Higgs, 43, shared and commented on posts slamming a UK government consultation on making LGBTI relationship education mandatory. However, Farmor’s School in Fairford, Gloucestershire, dismissed her for several reasons, including illegal discrimination.

In the posts, shared on October 2018, Higgs says: ‘PLEASE READ THIS! THEY ARE BRAINWASHING OUR CHILDREN!

‘On November 7th the Government Consultation into making Relationships Education mandatory in primary schools, and Relationships and Sex Education mandatory in secondary schools closes.

‘Which means, for example, that children will be taught that all relationships are equally valid and ‘normal’, so that same sex marriage is exactly the same as traditional marriage, and that gender is a matter of choice, not biology, so that it’s up to them what sex they are.’

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The post goes onto say the regulations contradict her Christian beliefs and even forbids her from expressing and teaching them. These include ‘the creation of men and women and marriage’.

Also, she encouraged people to sign a petition against the legislation.

Relationship and sex education in the UK 

The government consultation mentioned in the Facebook post eventually lead to the lower house of Parliament, the House of Commons, passing new legislation on Relationship and Sex Education.

In March, the House overwhelmingly voted in favor of new regulations. This would update education so primary school children will learn of the existence of LGBTI relationships, and secondary school students given age-appropriate sex education as well.

The regulations received heavy backlash across all faith communities.

The Christian Legal Centre is helping Higgs’ legal challenge against the school for unfair dismissal and discrimination, according to the BBC.

However, the school told Higgs she was dismissed ‘for reasons other than your religion’.

They added: ‘We are concerned you did not demonstrate an appropriate understanding of the school’s requirement to respect and tolerate the views of others and to role model such behavior.’

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