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Christian pastor wants people to wear white to rally against LGBTI pride in Singapore

Christian pastor wants people to wear white to rally against LGBTI pride in Singapore

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A prominent church pastor in Singapore is calling people to wear white to rally against Singapore’s annual LGBTI pride festival, Pink Dot.

In a statement posted on social media on Thursday, Pastor Lawrence Khong of Faith Community Baptist Church accuses Pink Dot and its supporters of promoting ‘homosexual lifestyle’ and ‘liberal ideologies’ and asks conservatives to stand up with him.

Pink Dot is a movement started in 2009 to raise awareness and support for Singapore’s LGBTI community. At its celebrations, participants are encouraged to wear pink to show their support for the ‘freedom to love,’ which is also the campaign’s slogan.

Over the years, Pink Dot has grown from strength to strength, eventually becoming one of the biggest pride festivals in the region. Other places like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Okinawa in Japan have also caught on and organised their own Pink Dot events.

On Facebook page LoveSingapore, Khong says that wearing white (as opposed to pink) is a ‘pro-Family, pro-Government, pro-Singapore’ stance.

‘It is a message to our Government that we fully support its pro-Family policies,’ he writes.

He also encourages Christians to ‘arise’ and fight for ‘personal purity and public morality,’ not without quoting the late bible teacher Howard Hendricks about dying for one’s conviction.

‘A belief is something you will argue about. A conviction is something you will die for.’

It’s not the first time Khong openly stands against the local LGBTI community.

For instance in 2014, he launched an anti-gay petition requesting Singapore’s Health Promotion Board to review its positive stance on homosexuality, bisexuality and same-sex relationships.

In March, famous comedienne Margaret Cho who was in Singapore for a show slammed Khong for his anti-gay sentiments.

‘Lawrence Khong is a cunt,’ said Cho.

Cho also added: ‘When the church tries to say anything about homosexuality, it makes me mad.’

This year’s Pink Dot will take place on 5 June. For more information, visit