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Christians clash with Seoul pride parade

Christians clash with Seoul pride parade

The Korea Queer Festival was disrupted by Christian protestors.

According to information provided to Gay Star News by a Ph.D student in South Korea, conservative Christians held mass prayer services during the 7 June event.

‘To put it simply today was a kind of battle between extremist Christians and LGBT attendees of said pride,’ the student wrote in an email account.

The parade started but was stopped multiple times by protestors putting their bodies on the street, blocking the march.

The anti-gay protestors sang South Korea’s national anthem and chanted gays had no place in the country.

The email account claims police arrested a few of the Christian demonstrators.

The organizers the festival  promised in late May to hold the event despite local officials withdrawing permission. Multiple public events in Korea have been canceled since 16 April when  a ferry, overloaded with cargo, sank. Close to 300 people  were killed– many of them schoolchildren.

Due to the tragedy a number of people complained about the timing of the event.

However, organizers claimed Christian groups wanted to capitalize on the sinking to have the parade postponed.