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Plumping cream, anti-chafing lotion and 7 not-so-kinky Christmas gifts for bears

Plumping cream, anti-chafing lotion and 7 not-so-kinky Christmas gifts for bears

What should you get the bear in your life for Christmas?

Bears are proud exhibitionists – so buying a gift for them means making a statement.

From winter to summer, we’ve compiled a year-round list of some of the greatest gifts for bears on the web to keep the bear in your life at the top of his game and looking fresh.

Should a bear wear a scarf cruising in the woods? Yes, he should.

A cosy scarf, hand-knitted with the colors of the bear flag…

Photo: Etsy

Etsy has some cool, limited stock, gifts – and we found this for $42.97 (€36.28).

The Optimale Personal Care Kit, for plumping on the go…

Photo: gruffpup

gruffpup has got you covered with this handy travel kit including ‘So Big’ plumping cream, ‘So Hard’ delay cream, ‘So Dry’ anti-chafing cream and a vibrating c-ring for on-the-go needs.

There’s also shaving cream, maybe not for your bear?

The kit can be bought on for $24.99 (€21.10).

Tom of Finland night/day totes, to summon their dark side…

Photo: Tom of Finland

The Finnish design brand brings you stylish tote bags, telling everyone around what kind of mood they’re in – or just what time of day it is…

Available from the official Tom of Finland store, starting at $25.00 (€21.11) for one.

A statement tee, to remind them of their family tribe…

Photo: gruffpup

‘As gay people we get to choose our family’ – RuPaul.

Grab this tee from gruffpup for $13.95 (€11.77)

Beary suspenders, to signal to other bears in the woods…

Photo: BearGear

Grab this stocking-filler from BearGear USA for $18.50 (€15.61).

This polar bear duvet set, ‘coz he snuggles with other tribes…

Pizza and beer in bed? Join these bears for $36.34 (€30.67).

He’ll want to parade around in these tight swim briefs once summer arrives…


These swim briefs are handmade in Brazil! Available from for $53.26 (€44.95).

Whether on the beach in Sitges, or the boardwalks of Fire Island, he’ll be happy storing essentials in this sailor bag…


ProudBears are doing you a solid with another great gift.

This beach/gym bag can be your bear’s for $29.56 (€24.95)

He might want to have a read-up on his origins, he’s intellectual you see…

Photo: Amazon

‘Learn what beardom means to different people in their daily lives, and on a broader level, its cultural implications for not only the gay community, but also society as a whole.’

Maybe you could learn a thing or two about your cuddly bear?

Available on Amazon for $41.46 (€34.99).

He’s so proud of his identity, how better to show it than having it written on him for all to see?

Photo: Zazzle

Show the bear on your life how proud you are of him.

Available on Zazzle for $35.00 (€30.00).


Photo: Amazon

A 10-speed vibrating Teddy Love Plush Bear Vibrator! It’s all in the tongue…

Limited availability on for $59.95.