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Homophobes are sad because a lesbian choir are singing at a Catholic shrine

Homophobes are sad because a lesbian choir are singing at a Catholic shrine

lesbian choir portland christmas festival

A Catholic shrine in Portland, Oregon will feature a lesbian choir at a caroling event and it’s upset some homophobes.

The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, known by locals as The Grotto, hosts the Christmas Festival of Lights. They deck out the 62 acres of green space with Christmas lights and entertain with choral performances every night.

The month-long event is one of the largest Christmas choir festivals in the world.

One of the choirs on the line-up are the Portland Lesbian Choir. This has caused some offence to local Catholics, who have spoken to Christian website Church Militant.

One anonymous local Catholic told the site: ‘Several years ago, I was told by a member of the Grotto Servite order that the Christmas Festival of Lights is their primary way of evangelizing to non-Catholics.’

Some local Christians are angry

They added: ‘It is surprising then that the Servites would allow a lesbian choir to sing on the very spot where the altar is normally located, where the body and blood of Christ is consecrated.

‘How can we expect visitors, who may never set foot into a Catholic Church again, to understand what Jesus taught about sin and our need to seek forgiveness?

‘The presence of this choir is a scandal and will certainly lead to even more confusion in a time of moral ambiguity.’

Another said when they saw the choir on the listing, they were ‘in shock. My heart fell to the ground.’

The shrine is run by the Servite Friars. Church Militant reached out to them and the archdiocese, who expressed concern.

The Portland Lesbian Choir are still performing on Thursday 27 December at 7pm. They even posted to Facebook to express their excitement.

It was wet! Intrepid PLC members caroling Monday evening on Peacock Lane. Reportedly Fox News filmed us! PLC (many more…

Posted by Portland Lesbian Choir on Tuesday, 18 December 2018

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