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The story of gay Christmas so far – told in 25 photos of chosen families around the world

The story of gay Christmas so far – told in 25 photos of chosen families around the world

It’s a wonderful time of the year – Christmas! – and who better to spend it with the ones you love.

Whoever they are; a lover, friend, a member of your urban or chosen family, a parent, a sibling. Or even the introduction of a new baby to make your family complete.

Whether you enjoy Christmas or not, we scoured Instagram to find photos of people enjoying one another’s company and sharing love.

It’s been a tough year, and we’ve faced hardships like no other time in history, but it’s important to remember – we’re together.

From Estonia to Texas, here are some photos of gay couples, friends and chosen families celebrating the festive period around the world:

Gent, Belgium

Instagram: timo_gram

San Francisco, USA

Instagram: downunder_d

Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France

Instagram: julius_ide

Somewhere in Poland…

Instagram: jakubidawid

New Orleans, USA

Instagram: probablythis

Perth, Australia

Instagram: pawsomedoctor

Upper West Side, New York City

Instagram: the_jakeofalltrades

Lahemaa National Park, Estonia

Instagram: adamsmith1970

Montpellier, France

Instagram: remy_mht

Elgin, Texas

Instagram: hairbytim512

Boystown, Chicago

Instagram: undercoverk3vin

West Sussex, United Kingdom

Instagram: russellgb

San Francisco, USA

Instagram: papaanddaddy

David and Dave!

Instagram: tn2sd

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Instagram: lamro_de_lammy

Melbourne, Australia

Instagram: agayadventure

Houston, Texas

Instagram: alex.bonhomme

Brooklyn, New York

Instagram: marshallfoltz

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Instagram: insta_eric_k

Idyllwild, California

Instagram: idyandrew

Cork, Ireland

Instagram: patrickjwales

West Village, New York City

Instagram: ryanlikewise

Hackney, London, United Kingdom

Instagram: johnlryan

Glasgow, Scotland

Instagram: jamie_l_mckenzie

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night…

Instagram: matthalifax

Christmas in NSFW pics:

Here’s the story of gay Christmas so far – in NSFW photos