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CBB Christopher Biggins: HIV is a ‘bisexual disease’ and ‘they f*** up relationships’

CBB Christopher Biggins: HIV is a ‘bisexual disease’ and ‘they f*** up relationships’

Christopher Biggins was removed from the Big Brother house for his offensive comments

Gay British ‘national treasure’ Christopher Biggins has shocked audiences of Celebrity Big Brother with his comments about bisexual people.

Biggins was evicted from the house this week after twice breaking the rules over offensive language.

In one instance he made a joke to Jewish X factor star Katie Waissel, referencing the Nazi concentration camps. He said: ‘You better be careful or they’ll be putting you in a shower and taking you to a room.’

He offended many in the LGBT community by saying bisexuality was the ‘worst type’ of sexuality’.

‘The worst type I’m afraid to say are the bisexuals. What it is is people not wanting to admit they’re gay.’

Even after being warned by Big Brother, Biggins did not reel in his comments on bisexuals.

In a conversation with TV personality Renee Graziano, he blamed the spread of HIV on bisexual people.

‘Gays had been really badly treated and suddenly there became a period where gay people were respected,’ he explained to Graziano, about the late 60s and the civil rights movement.

Christopher Biggins goes on rant on CBB
Christopher Biggins goes on rant on CBB

‘And then a killer disease came that was attributed to homosexuals. I think it was a bisexual disease, if I’m honest.

‘What the government didn’t realize is that there were bisexuals out there who were having sex with those people.

‘They then brought it back to their families over here and in America. That’s how it became a worldwide disease. Whoever investigated AIDS fucked up big time.’

He was told to leave the house after making the comments. Biggins stated he was in ‘disbelief’ and thought it was a joke.

But on Twitter he thanked his fans for their support.

Organizations including leading LGBT campaigners Stonewall top HIV organization THT have long used Biggins as a go-to-host for their events and galas. He has since been banned from hosting events with Stonewall until he says he’s ‘sorry’.

Biggins was given a formal sanction from Big Brother following the comments, which were not shown on TV.

He apologized for the joke and his comments on HIV in an interview with The Sun. ‘I am mortified by what’s happened, really mortified,’ he said. ‘I have a lot of bisexual friends and I’m not in any way a bigoted person.’

But he continued: ‘But I think they do fuck up a lot of relationships.’