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Church of Norway votes against gay marriage

Church of Norway votes against gay marriage

The Church of Norway voted against priests carrying out gay marriage ceremonies today (8 April).

The vote was split against the proposal to allow same-sex unions in churches, with 51 religious leaders voting in favor and 64 against.

The National Association for LGBT people (LLH) said they were ‘disappointed’ by the vote.

‘We want to be clear that we are excited about the fight and the efforts made in the church for our fight,’ the head of LLH Bård Nylund told VG newspaper. 

‘They had a narrow majority that said no to same sex-marriage, but we are pleased to see that the minority of no voters was so large.

‘We have so many great supporters within the Norwegian Church, and there has been a large development in a relatively few years.’

In 2008, same-sex marriage was officially recognized in Norway and same-sex couples received the same rights as straight couples.

The legislation granted the church authority to marry same-sex couples, but to date the Norwegian church has refused to perform same-sex ceremonies.

Bishop Ingeborg Midttømme said she was ‘pleased’ by the ‘clear majority’.

She said: ‘This decision means that the church does not change its understanding of marriage, which is between a man and a woman.’