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Church of Satan comes out in support of trans rights

Church of Satan comes out in support of trans rights

The High Priestess of the Church of Satan has written a powerful op-ed in support of trans people.

Magistra Peggy Nadramia’s article, named A Redhead Named Peggy, can be read on the Church of Satan’s official website.

The writer sets up her support of trans people with a long anecdote about her name. (She was born Margaret).

‘If a person did ask for proof that my name is Peggy, and then insisted that they would always refer to me as Margaret, well, I would just assume this person was emotionally disturbed,’ she writes. ‘Why would anyone do that?’

‘Nebulous concept’

Peggy then adds: ‘So I have to confess, if someone presents themselves as a woman, and tells you and everyone around them that their pronouns include “she,” I consider it rude, disrespectful and yes, hateful, to insist on referring to them as “he.”’

‘What’s the point?’ she furthermore asks. ‘To insult that person? To diminish this huge, life-changing choice they’ve made? To demand they align with some nebulous concept that YOU have decided is the “biologically correct” one?

‘The only people in anyone’s life who need to know their gender assigned at birth, are the doctors who must administer care and medicine. And sometimes not even then.’

Former magazine editor Peggy published the op-ed on Saturday 6 July. She is the wife of current church head Peter H. Gilmore.

‘Will I be locked out of the Redheads Only bathroom?’

In another analogy, Peggy reveals she dyes her naturally grey hair red. ‘Do people need to know that? Will certain special interest groups demand that I identify my “biologically correct” follicle status to them? Will I be locked out of the Redheads Only bathroom and forced to wear a tag that says “Not A Real Redhead”?’

The High Priestess then added that if her comparisons seemed ‘trivial’, it is not her intention to trivialize trans rights. She goes on to describe some of the trans members of her organization through the years.

Speaking to GSN after the op-ed, the author said: ‘The response has been fantastic; many people have shared it, and those both inside and outside of Satanism have appreciated this confirmation of what is a very mainstream position now, but true to our fundamentals. It was extreme in 1966; everyone else is catching up to us.

‘As our chief archivist, I also enjoyed sharing part of our Church’s history that has always included transgender people, and folks are rather delighted.

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