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The city so gay even the dogs have a pride

The city so gay even the dogs have a pride

Glossy coats, bright eyes, wagging tails and wet noses… it could be any gay pride in the world but actually is a special one – for dogs.

Doggy Pride is coming to Brighton, the gay capital of Britain’s south coast, and you’d be barking mad to miss it.

It features awards for numerous categories, retail stalls, a glamorous catwalk doggy fashion show, bar and refreshments at an event designed for dog lovers of all ages.

This years Doggy Pride takes place at Hove RFC (Shirley Drive, Hove) on 28 July. Entry is free although all donations are welcome.

You can enter your waggy-tailed friend to compete in your chosen category either online through the Brighton Pride website or onsite on the day itself. Registration costs £3 ($4.50 €3.50) per class and will be taken from 11.30am.

It’s supported by Coastway vetinary group and Gay Star News is the media partner.