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Clean Bandit’s new video features a bittersweet same-sex storyline

Clean Bandit’s new video features a bittersweet same-sex storyline

The end of the aisle is one of the perfect settings for a rom-com and Clean Bandit know it very well.

A couple is about to get married when the doubtful bride spots someone in the crowd. But what if the person she sees is an ex-girlfriend rather than a persistent ex-boyfriend in full savior mode?

The video for the latest song by the British electro band features some last-minute wedding jitters and a same-sex storyline.

Baby, the new hit featuring Marina And The Diamonds and Luis Fonsi, is a total banger. Think of a classier, edgier Despacito, a song we won’t be ashamed to sing next year.

‘But I’m already someone else’s baby’

The bittersweet chorus line will stick in your head for days.

‘But I’m already someone else’s baby,’ sings Marina languidly.

This LGBTI anthem screams same-sex love and is set to be big in summer 2019.

Clean Bandit Grace Chatto is the bride, while Australian singer Starley is ‘the one who got away’.

Marina is a friend of the bride and had witnessed the love blossoming between the two women at a summer camp many moons ago.

Despacito singer Luis Fonsi is the unaware groom. While the wedding goes on, Grace still sees her former lover everywhere and is driving her crazy.

Present and past memories overlap in a lingering melancholy perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Watch the video below:

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