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Closeted teen finds Grindr on homophobic dad’s phone

Closeted teen finds Grindr on homophobic dad’s phone

Finding a daddy on Grindr is nothing unusual, but that man is not usually your biological father.

Such was the case for teen Reddit user stilldecidinginbetween when he turned to the gay bros community for advice.

‘Found out that my “Homophobe” dad has Grindr on his iPhone when he asked me to go fetch it from the car,’ he wrote.

‘I am still closeted (denial/curious) so i know what Grindr is, even though I don’t have it myself. This makes it so much more confusing for me.’

The post ilicited nearly 100 responses, some more helpful than others.

‘My dad was extremely homophobic before I came out to him when I was 18,’ wrote one Redditor.

‘He ended up doing a total 180 after going to therapy and eventually became the president of our local PFLAG chapter for a while.’

Another said, ‘A closeted married guy on grindr might have some intense homophobia going on that he could take out on the queer kid in his care. Tread carefully. IMO coming out before moving out is a bad idea in a situation this complicated.’

Other advice was less helpful.

One redditor warned, ‘You may have to make a fake profile and try to seduce him.’

‘Is your dad hot?,’ wrote another.

‘Umm…don’t hook up with him,’ said another.

A few weeks later, decidinginbetween posted the following update:

‘Hi all, appreciate all the kind words of help and encouragement. I don’t know how to explain it in details though: Dad stood in denial and went on the defensive, even tried to question my own sexuality. Mom still does not know and that pains me.’

‘I guess he would still be that closeted homophobe and I; that closeted homo who is too [scared] to do more. Maybe all of this is just in my head. Maybe i am just thinking too much.’