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Coachella owner is continuing to donate to anti-LGBTI groups

Coachella owner is continuing to donate to anti-LGBTI groups

Philip Anschutz, the owner of Coachella

A new year, a new report about Coachella founder Philip Anschutz donating to anti-LGBTI groups.

Last January, it was revealed Anschutz allegedly donated nearly $200,000 to various homophobic groups. The revelation led many music fans to call for a Coachella boycott.

Now, a new tax report reveals similar donations from Anschutz.

Pitchfork found that between December 2015 and November 2016 he gave money to more troubling groups.

Some of them include $40,000 to The Navigators. Their group lists identifying as LGBTI alongside engaging in incest. He also donated $185,000 to Young Life, a Christian youth ministry that says anyone who is ‘sexually active outside of a heterosexual marriage relationship’ cannot work or volunteer for them.

Breaking down the numbers

The new report did find that Anschutz did not donate to groups like Alliance Defending Freedom, Family Research Council, and National Christian Foundation. These were some of the most offensive to people.

Furthermore, after the initial 2017 report came out, Anschutz responded he was not anti-LGBTI. He also added he would no longer donate to groups that are knowingly anti-LGBTI.

This new report does not include 2017 numbers so it is unclear whether that will remain true.

However, Anschutz’s lawyer gave a statement to Pitchfork.

They stated the Foundation ‘has stopped funding certain organizations after it was brought to our attention that some of their activities were inconsistent with our values’. They also described it as an ‘ongoing process’.

More calls for boycotts

However, fans are still calling for Coachella boycotts.

When someone defended having personal views and running a separate business, others quickly shut them down.