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This stylish coffee-making alarm clock will make waking up so much easier

Being woken by the smell of your favorite brew is no longer a Sundays only thing

This stylish coffee-making alarm clock will make waking up so much easier
Facebook / Barisieur
The Barisieur will brew a cup of coffee right there on your bedside table

We all know the morning struggle: the bed is warm and the coffee is too far away, meaning you can only have one or the other.

But now a team of designers has come up with the perfect bedside companion.

The Barisieur combines your alarm clock with an automatic coffee or tea brewer.

All you need to do is fill the water vessel, securely seal it, and spoon some coffee or tea into the filter.

You’ll also have to set two alarms: one as your usual morning wake-up time, the other at the time you want the Barisieur to start preparing your first cup of the day.

The Barisieur combines coffee maker and alarm clock

If you like to have your coffee or tea with milk, you can also have it at the ready – the Barisieur comes with a small vessel, which will be kept cold overnight.

Then all you need to do is snuggle down and wait for the magic to happen in the morning.

In terms of technology, the Barisieur uses induction plates to heat up the water.

As the vessel is safely sealed with a bung, resulting steam pressure causes the water to rise and drip into the filter.

The idea behind the coffee-making alarm clock is based on the psychology on sleep and relaxation.

As a result the Barisieur encourages users to establish a ritual, which has been proven to lead to better sleep and makes it easier to relax.

And being woken by something else than simply a blaring alarm means you’ll wake more naturally and feel more rested in the morning.

The Barisieur is an Indiegogo project and, although it has reach its goal, is still offered at a reduced price.

It is currently offered for $299 (€, £) excluding shipping and comes in either a black/walnut or white/ash colored version.

Once the campaign is over, the Barisieur is set to retail for $420.

The team are due to start their production run in April, with delivery expected to start in July.

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