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College Republican group founder links homosexuality to ‘deformity’

College Republican group founder links homosexuality to ‘deformity’

Arizona State University republican deformity

The leaders of a College Republican group have made derogatory comments about a number of minority groups, including linking homosexuality to ‘deformity’, leaked messages reveal.

College Republicans United (CRU) is an offshoot of Arizona State University’s College Republicans. The group began in 2018 for students with more fringe conservative beliefs.

However, several leading members of the group have made vile comments about several minority groups. This includes ASU senior and founder of CRU, Richard Thomas.

Thomas makes a number of racist and anti-semitic remarks in these leaked messages in a Facebook group called ‘CRU Executive Board Banter’, uncovered by Phoenix New Times.

One such says: ‘I don’t believe homosexuality or this level of degeneracy is biological it’s a choice the ancient Spartans were all fucking each other because it was in the culture same thing for feudal Japan a lot of them were bisexual’.

When asked if he thinks people are born gay, Thomas replies: ‘I look at it how being bipolar or chemically imbalanced is not natural it’s a deformity.’

The messages were leaked to Phoenix New Times as part of a dossier compiled by disgruntled former members.

When approached by the paper for comment, Thomas replied: ‘You have a political narrative that you’re trying to push that a college club at ASU which supports free speech and moderate conservatism is actually far right.

‘All this said in private among members of so called trusted friends. There was a different level of decorum.’

Linked to the Republican party

CRU have actively campaigned for local Republican candidates. They support Kelli Ward to become Arizona’s state GOP chairperson and canvassed for former representative Maria Syms.

In another of the leaked messages, Thomas posts a video of a girl living with Rett syndrome. He writes: ‘Remind me why we can’t have a eugenics policy again.’

He also refers to rapper Childish Gambino – real name Donald Glover – as ‘degenerate monkey filth’. Glover is black.

A number of other members of the group also participated in the racism and anti-semitism.

In a statement released by the club, they said: ‘College Republicans United should be judged on the public work we have done, judge us on our accomplishments and failures. Don’t judge us based on private conversations that were said to former members who had the ill intentions of using blackmail on club members.

College Republicans United endorses the right of members to express any opinions without censorship or restraint. The only time College Republicans United has banned members is when their actions have become disruptive to the operations of the club.’

Arizona State University claims to have not seen the dossier prior to the publication of New Times’ article.

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