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Colombia court allows gays and lesbians to adopt their spouse’s children only

Colombia court allows gays and lesbians to adopt their spouse’s children only

LGBTI rights activists in Colombia are disappointed after the country’s Constitutional Court ruled that the only circumstance where gays and lesbians should be allowed to adopt is where the child in question is the biological child of their partner.

The issue had been winding its way through the courts and there were hopes it might lead to full adoption rights for LGBTI Colombians, but Colombia’s highest court declared the matter settled on Wednesday via an announcement on Twitter.

‘Adoption will only be allowed when it deals with the biological child of the same-sex partner,’ the court announced.

The Constitutional Court judges voted 5-4 in their decision after nine hours of deliberation.

The court had in late August allowed a woman to adopt her long-time partner’s child.

However this ruling makes that a possibility for all Colombian same-sex couples where one partner is raising biological children.

Colombia Diversa director Muricio Albarracin told Telesur TV that he was disappointed the court had not gone further with their ruling.

‘The court consolidated the right to adopt the biological son or daughter of the partner in all cases,’ he said.

‘The court took one step forward but failed to take the other.’

Colombia’s powerful Catholic Church had lobbied very hard for a complete ban on LGBTIs adopting and they are still not supposed to as singles.

LGBTI rights victories in Colombia have mostly come via the courts rather than the legislature, granting same-sex couples defacto status in 2007 and guaranteeing their inheritance rights in 2009.