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Colombia court delays legalizing gay marriage but likely to rule in favor this week

Colombia court delays legalizing gay marriage but likely to rule in favor this week

Colombia’s highest court is likely to hand down a ruling legalizing same-sex marriage this week, having postponing from making its decision last week.

The Colombian media report that it is almost certain that the Constitutional Court will find in favor of the proposal as a majority of its bench recently ruled in favor of same-sex couples being allowed to adopt and to have both commissioning parents’ names put on a child’s birth certificate if they are born through IVF or surrogacy to same-sex couples.

The court was expected to decide the issue on Thursday or Friday last week but its justices decided to address the issue later in this Plenary session.

When the court rules it is expected that it will order courts and notaries to begin issuing marriage certificates to same-sex couples within a certain date of its ruling – most likely 30 days.

The man who brought the appeal to the court is Luis Felipe Rodriguez Rhodes a 25-year-old LGBTI activist with a degree in foreign languages who works as an English and French teacher.

He sought a marriage license from a Colombian notary with his partner after the Constitutional Court gave lawmakers a July, 2013 deadline to legislate to allow same-sex marriage which they failed to meet.

He told El Tiempo that given the court’s history of ruling on LGBTI issues he was confident it would find in his favor.

‘The Constitutional Court, by means of 63 judgments, has recognized the rights of LGBTI in Colombia, there is a very broad framework recently adopted for same-sex couples was approved,’ he said.

‘So I think that is a step that is going to give and Colombia will finally be at the forefront.’