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Colombia gay dancer killed by silicone buttocks injection

Colombia gay dancer killed by silicone buttocks injection

A young man from Colombia agreed to silicone injections in order to enlarge his buttocks, as he felt they were ‘inadequate’.

The operation, which was carried out by a nonmedical personal described by the young man as his friend, led to his death, reported the daily El Colombiano.

Augusto Cesar Hernandez Murillo a 21 year-old dance teacher died on Tuesday (18 September) afternoon at the General Hospital of Medellín, Colombia after suffering over a week long of agony. 

His mother Mariela Murillo recounted with sadness to the daily El Colombiano: ’He told us about his intentions and we continually advised him that no, it was dangerous and he did not need it, but the boys already made up their minds and ignored our advice.

‘We constantly told him: “Ceasar, learn to accept yourself, you’re a very pretty handsome lad”’.

His mother recounted that her son become obsessed with wanting to look better.

According to her he insisted that his friend was going to help, but her sone was hospitalized the ‘friend’ didn’t even bother to visit him, she complained.

She pointed out that his friend, who also identified as gay like her son, had already successfully performed several such operations which encouraged Caesar’s confidence.

When Caesar agreed to the silicone injections it was not performed in a beauty parlour but at the home of his friend, claimed his mother: ‘everything was already prearranged.

I heard that it wasn’t done in a beauty parlour but at his friend’s house in the Moravia neighbourhood,’ she said, adding that she does not want to see an incident like this happen to anyone else.

Problems begun on the night of Monday 10 September 10, right after the young man had his silicone injection. 

When Caesar arrived home from the surgery he complained of intense pain.

Complications began on Wednesday (12 September) when the boy suffered from asphyxiation and had to be taken to a local hospital only to be discharged after a few hours.

His breathing problems nevertheless continued and he was taken to an intensive care unit at the General Hospital of Medellín, where he died on Tuesday 18 September at 2:30pm.

‘We never thought this would happen, we never made an issue of him being gay, we respected him, but look where that led him to’, said his father, Jaime Hernandez.

The substance, which is forbidden to be injected by Colombian law, entered into Caesar’s blood stream, reaching his lungs and causing his death.

Dr. Luis David Garcia, of the Colombian Association of Aesthetic Medical Science, warned that this is the result of liquid silicone injections which ‘enters into the bloodstream, reaching the lungs and leading to death’.

The specialist also warned that even when people who have undergone the procedure show no symptoms at first, over time the procedure ‘produces a malignant reaction, with the buttocks turnning red and swollen with inflammation’.

He clarified that the only two approved medical procedures for this part of the body are the liposuction and prosthetic surgery.

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Felipe Martinez commented that silicone injections are biopolymers a substance prohibited for use by the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery.

He added that Colombian law prohibits non-medical personnel to perform plastic surgery procedures.

Silicone injections are illegal in the European Union and the United States.

Last week a British straight man died of a botched penis enlargement operation with a silicone injection by a non-medical personal.