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‘Color’ by Todrick Hall is gonna be your song of this summer – LISTEN

‘Color’ by Todrick Hall is gonna be your song of this summer – LISTEN

Todrick Hall and Jay Armstrong Johnson

YouTube sensation Todrick Hall released a music video for his song ‘Color’ featuring Broadway actor Jay Armstrong Johnson as his lover.

Before you brush it off as yet another cute lil’ love song, listen to the lyrics closely for a deeper meaning.

The song does sing about how love can transform a boring and lonely black-and-white world into one filled with meaning and happiness and color.

‘There’s something ’bout you / That makes my skies blue / And whenever we’re through / All I can do is see color,’ sings Hall.

But the song also interprets ‘color’ as skin color, and addresses the issue of race with Hall, who is black, and Johnson, who is white, as an interracial couple.

‘When our hearts collide / I hope our world is a kaleidoscope / Cause black and white /Never shines so bright, yeah,’ Johnson sings back to Hall.

And near the end of the song, the lovely pair subtly fights back against ignorance and bigotry towards interracial relationships.

‘And maybe the world will never understand / Our kinda love / Say, “That’s quite enough!” / I’ll fight for us,’ Hall and Johnson join their voices, adding, ‘We’ve got a right to love!’

The track ends with a incredibly touching line that goes, ‘Whenever you’re there, darling I swear / I don’t see color.’

Listen to this lovely love song now: