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Colorado is the latest state to introduce bill banning conversion therapy

Colorado is the latest state to introduce bill banning conversion therapy

Residents celebrate Denver, Colorado PrideFest in June 2018

Colorado has become the latest state to introduce legislation banning the practice of conversion therapy on minors.

State Democrats and LGBTI activists and organizations are pushing for a vote and subsequent passage of HB19-1129.

The bill prohibits physicians ‘specializing in psychiatry’ and licensed mental health care providers from performing conversion therapy on patients under the age of 18.

It further makes advertising of conversion therapy, and the practice of it, a ‘deceptive trade practice’ under Colorado’s Consumer Protection Act.

LGBTI organization One Colorado went to the state capitol to lead a press conference on the bill.

We are live at the Colorado State Capitol with a press conference for HB19-1129 to ban conversion therapy for minors in Colorado.

Posted by One Colorado on Monday, 18 March 2019

Denver, the capital of Colorado, outlawed the practice of conversion therapy in January.

An ongoing battle

So far in the United States, fifteen states and the District of Columbia have banned conversion therapy for minors.

Recently, several states having introduced their own legislation banning the practice, including Georgia and Massachusetts. Other states, like Utah, failed to pass such legislation but apologized and said they would continue working.

Conversion therapy is the practice attempting to change a person’s sexuality via psychological or spiritual means. It has no basis in evidential science.

Most medical associations, including the American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association, and more, condemn the practice.

Conversion therapy is shown to have detrimental effects on people, including mental health problems and an increase in suicidal thoughts.

UCLA’s Williams Institute found last year that more than 20,000 teens will face conversion therapy before adulthood.

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