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Colorado civil unions bill heading to full House for vote

Clears third and final committee hurdle in bipartisan 9-4 vote

Colorado civil unions bill heading to full House for vote

A civil unions bill passed through its third and final committee vote today in the Colorado House of Representatives and will next go before the full House for a vote next week.

The bill was passed in bipartisan 9-4 vote by the House Appropriations Committee. Two days earlier, it narrowly cleared the House Finance Committee. The House Judiciary Committee approved it last week.

The bill provides gay and lesbian couples with such legal protections and responsibilities as the ability to take family leave to care for a partner, to make medical and end-of-life decisions for a partner, to live together in a nursing home, and to adopt children together.

The Colorado State Senate passed the bill last month. 

If passed by the full House, the bill would then be delivered to the governor’s desk for signature. Governor John Hickenlooper has made clear he will sign the bill into law.

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