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Colorado Republicans have blocked a bill that would have prevented gay bigamy

Colorado Republicans have blocked a bill that would have prevented gay bigamy

A group of influential Republican Colorado state senators have used their numbers on the Senate State Affairs Committee to block a law to clarify the state’s civil unions law even though the bill would have prevented gay bigamy.

Colorado passed a bill creating civil unions for same-sex couples in 2013 but the striking down of its ban on same-sex marriage by the courts has created legal complications for same-sex couples who end their relationships in that they will have to divorce twice if they married after entering into a civil union.

The amendment put forward by senate Democrats would ensure that only one legal process was needed to end a relationship where a couple had been in a civil union before marrying by rolling the civil union into the marriage rather than the couple having two parallel legal statuses to be ended.

The amendment would have also ensured that a person could not have more than one relationship legally recognized at the same time by marrying one person and entering into a civil union with another – though it is unknown if anybody has actually tried to use that legal loophole.

Republicans on the committee used their majority on the committee to kill the bill – preventing it from going before the Senate for a vote in a move that dismayed Democrats with its blatant obstructionism.

‘It feels like an unfair tax on divorcing gay couples,’ Democratic Senator Pat Steadman, the architect of Colorado’s civil union law, said according to the Denver Post.

‘These are real problems that I feel a personal responsibility as the sponsor of the civil unions act to try to fix.’