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See Colton Haynes in a deleted scene from Love, Simon

See Colton Haynes in a deleted scene from Love, Simon

Colton Haynes

Love, Simon continues to be a source of joy for LGBTI audiences across the world. It’s a wonderful film of representation and a classic high school rom-com.

It’s also the gift that keeps on giving.

Recently, a deleted scene from the movie was released and it stars none other than Colton Haynes.

The scene sees the titular Simon at a gay bar with his friend Nick. That’s when Haynes approaches them, mistaking Simon for someone else he knows. Then, naturally, he asks Simon to dance.

Things take a tiny turn for the worse when a bartende asks for the high school student’s ID, though.

An overdue milestone of inclusion

Love, Simon, directed by Greg Berlanti, was a hit with critics and fans alike. It earned a 92% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, making it certified fresh.

As Peter Travers wrote for the Rolling Stone: ‘Greg Berlanti’s groundbreaking gay romcom is an exuberant gift, a John Hughes movie for audiences who just got woke and the first mainstream studio release to put a closeted teen front and center.’

While Glen Weldon at NPR posited the film’s ‘quieter, deeper coming-out storyline’ forms its ‘true emotional center’.

Overall, the movie earned $40.8 million at the domestic box office, on just a $17 million budget. Worldwide, it’s earned $57.5 million so far.