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Colton Haynes tells TikTok: Stop your ‘is kissing a bro gay?’ videos

Colton Haynes tells TikTok: Stop your ‘is kissing a bro gay?’ videos

  • ‘Being gay isn’t a joke’
Colton Haynes

Teen Wolf and Arrow star Colton Haynes has told ‘bros’ on TikTok to stop mocking being gay.

Haynes spoke out after a trend started of users on the social media channel posting videos asking ‘is kissing a bro gay?’

Typically young ‘straight’ guys post the videos. And they often end by giving their ‘bro’ a peck on the lips and then laughing.

Others turn away from the kiss, to indicate they are not prepared to go that far.

Alternatively, the guy may ask his ‘homie’ if it’s gay to have a kiss on the cheek. And when his ‘bro’ comes in to kiss his cheek, they turn so he is tricked into kissing their lips – again triggering laughter.

TikTok is an entirely video-based platform. More than 500million users post or watch videos which are usually up to 30 seconds in length.

Platform users tend to reward people who post funny or performance-led videos. And the strangely addictive format has led to TikTok becoming the world’s ninth biggest social media platform. It has more users than Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat or Pinterest.

It is particularly popular with 16 to 24-year-olds who make up 41% of its users.

‘Being gay isn’t a joke’

But American actor Colton Haynes, 31, has now spoken out against the latest TikTok craze.

In a TikTok video, Haynes said the jokes were not funny, just ‘fucking homophobic’.

He said: ‘So all the straight guys out there who keep posting those “is kissing the bros gay” videos and laughing and making a joke of it… Being gay isn’t a joke.

‘What is a joke is you thinking you’ll have any followers or any likes without us. So stop being fucking homophobic.’

Haynes came out as gay in 2016 and since then has often spoken up about LGBT+ people in the media. In particular, he has attacked Hollywood for not giving straight roles to gay actors.

Moreover, he has also addressed drug and alcohol issues by sharing his own struggles.