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World’s coolest new restaurant is in a Columbia women’s prison

World’s coolest new restaurant is in a Columbia women’s prison

Restaurant Einterno – we love the decor, obviously

It could be an episode of Orange Is the New Black.

But Restaurant INTERNO, found in a Columbian women’s prison, is very much rooted in reality.

And the new eatery, found in the San Diego Women’s Prison in Cartagena, is pretty much the coolest thing we’ve ever seen.

Así es. @restauranteinterno de dia

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Despite only opening in November, foodies from around the world have since flocked here to be served by inmates rocking pink turbans.

INTERNO is now gaining worldwide press, and praise for its positive social rehabilitation message.

Hace UN MES se abrieron las puertas de la cárcel de San Diego con INTERNO, hemos recibido en nuestro restaurante a más de 1.000 personas que creen en las #segundasoportunidades✌ GRACIAS a todos los que creyeron en nosotros e hicieron posible que hoy @restauranteinterno sea un ejemplo de resocialización en el mundo. @el_bid @senacomunica @alfonso_prada @bolivarsiavanza @dumek_turbay @lili_majana @alcaldiacartagena @hotelamericasco @harry_sasson @charliechef @leococinero @koldomiranda @donjuancartagena @milapasteleria @guillovives @liron.disenoindependiente @ortizmarialuisa @1000_e_mile @josedevisc @umatacartagena @russicamilo @paolacavalliagencia medios de comunicación y el MEJOR EQUIPO @antoinemma2 @dan_botero @nvalencia333 @jscastro10 y cada una de las 180 mujeres de la Cárcel de San Diego, sus guardias y su director Ramiro Cuadro.

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It’s located in a renovated but run down-looking hall, complete with bars over the door. But the look is pure hipster. Plus, the whole thing is lifted by artistic, floral decor.

As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t look out of place in East London, Portland or Brooklyn.

Inmates are even trained by internationally-respected chefs, such as Jorge Rausch.

Moreover, a three course set meal is available for only $80 [£64, €74] per person. This includes one glass of juice or wine.

@restauranteinterno estrenado horario de almuerzo🎉🎉

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What’s on the menu?

The dining hotspot serves plenty of traditional, homemade Columbian cuisine, with Caribbean influences.

For example, catch of the day with mango cocktail and farm vegetables, and Cartagena-style sliced beef in sauce with coconut rice.

Plus, the aubergines with baked cheese and farm tomatoes sounds rather nice.

We’re also dreaming of the lulo fruit mixed with rice pudding for dessert.

Que tal un salpicón INTERNO para este clima cartagenero?? RESERVAS : 3102600134

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A note on the official website reads: ‘INTERNO is a unique social reintegration model. [It] aims to create innovative spaces for reconciliation between prison populations and civil populations.

‘We empower ALL the women in San Diego Penitentiary in order to strengthen their abilities and create the necessary tools for them to reintegrate into society with dignity once they recover their freedom. Each of these women is part of INTERNO.’

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