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Comeback for Korean transgender popstar Harisu

Comeback for Korean transgender popstar Harisu

South Korean transgender popstar Harisu is back with a new single after six years.

The new single, Shopping Girl, is released on 9 July and a 10-track album will follow, K-pop news website Soompi reported.

Harisu, who goes by the name Lee Kyung-eun in everyday life, was born male in 1975. She has sex reassignment surgery in the 1990s and became the second person in South Korean to legally change their sex.

Lee started her career modelling in cosmetic commercials for DoDo, who highlighted her transgender identity by digitally adding an Adam’s apple to the TV adverts, as she doesn’t have one herself.

In 2001 Lee released her debut album Temptation, followed by Liar (2002), Foxy Lady (2003), Harisu (2006) and Summer (2006).

Lee has also starred in films like Yellow Hair 2, in which she plays a transexual who goes on the run, and written an autobiography called Eve from Adam.

Watch Harisu performing her 2001 single Temptation here: