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Did this US comedian just come out as bisexual?

Did this US comedian just come out as bisexual?

Comedian Jerrod Carmichael

Many people online are speculating — and celebrating — that US comedian Jerrod Carmichael may have come out as bisexual or queer.

Over the weekend, Carmichael premiered the first of two episodes of his new special Home Videos on HBO. In the two-part docuseries, Carmichael sits down and has intimate, informal conversations with family and friends.

In the first episode, Carmichael, 31, talks with his mother, Cynthia, where she lives in North Carolina.

The conversation turns to Cynthia’s husband and his numerous affairs. As they talk, Carmichael asks his mother if she’s ever been attracted to women.

She responds with a simple no, before Carmichael adds: ‘I’ve hooked up with dudes before.’

Cynthia takes the comment in stride and replies to her son: ‘Well, ok. That’s your option. I like men.’

There is no more discussion of this comment, or Carmichael’s sexuality, but it was enough to make people on Twitter celebrate and question if it really was a coming out moment.

What people are saying

People also praised Carmichael for centering these conversations around black women.

Who is Jerrod Carmichael?

At 20, Carmichael moved to Los Angeles to pursue stand-up. He landed some small gigs before getting his big break in the 2014 comedy film Neighbors.

In 2015, NBC picked up his eponymous sitcom Carmichael. It ran for three seasons before Carmichael announced he’d be leaving to pursue other projects. The show earned good reviews for its handling of topics like Black Lives Matter, LGBTI issues, gun control, and more.

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