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Comedian Louis CK talks about why he wishes he were gay

'Being a heterosexual is hard, it's a lot of work'

Comedian Louis CK talks about why he wishes he were gay

Comedian Louis CK said this week that when he was a kid, he wished he were Black.

Now he wishes he were gay.

‘They’re having a good time those guys,’ CK told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show Thursday (28 June). ‘I don’t want to have gay sex [but] I don’t want to be left out of things.’

He’s not drawn to the sex and doesn’t want to kiss another man, but CK said he could do without the pressure that goes along with being a heterosexual man in American society.

‘Being a heterosexual is hard,’ he explained. ‘It’s a lot of work. … Heterosexual men worry that we’ll be misidentified as gay. We’re the only group that cares that you know what we are. There are no women who are scared someone will think they’re a lesbian or gay guys who say, ‘They’re going to think I’m straight.’

He says this worry makes like ‘limiting’ for he and his fellow heterosexual males. He does not feel free to wear the color taupe, to say the word ‘wonderful,’ to tell a friend he misses them or to snuggle up to a male friend on the sofa.

Below is CK appearance with Leno:

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