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Comedian Stephen Fry wants a People’s Vote on Brexit

Comedian Stephen Fry wants a People’s Vote on Brexit

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Beloved UK author, comedian and TV personality, Stephen Fry has called for a new vote on Brexit.

In a video published by the People’s Vote campaign, Fry describes the process for the UK to leave the European Union known as Brexit, a ‘humiliation’.

‘Oh ladies and gentleman, how did it come to this,’ Fry asks in the video.

‘What a humiliation, what an embarrassment for our country.’

Fry goes on to say that the only thing the opposing side of politics can agree on is how important any decision on Brexit is for the future of the UK.

‘The whole thing’s gone to pot. It’s nonsense, it’s just plain nonsense. And the victim is the British democracy, the world is laughing at our parliamentary democracy, the very thing we wanted to be sovereign,’ he says.

Then Fry goes on to argue that a public vote on the issue is the only option moving forward.

‘The only option is to put it to the people. To have an informed referendum,’ he says.

‘So that everybody knows what’s really at stake. We desperately need that vote.’

He finishes saying that parliamentarians should not only hold a public vote, but respect the results of an ‘informed vote’.

Earlier this month, Gay Star News published a report which showed the potential risk to the LGBTI community if Brexit happened.

Put It To The People march

Following A People’s Vote March on 20 October 2018, The People’s Vote campaign for a second referendum on Brexit has announced a march the weekend before the UK leaves the EU.

On 23 March, members of the LGBT community will march together once again. They will demanding whatever conclusion Parliament comes to, they Put it to the People in a People’s Vote. They will form up into the official LGBTI column for the general march.

The new demonstration, supported by Gay Star News, is likely to be even bigger than last year’s march. That march attracted a record-breaking crowd of about 700,000.

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